CD Dewdrop

After more than 6 millions plays from the first 2 albums. Daniele Leoni published a new one with 12 tracks for piano solo, under the Halidon Music record label. The sound creates a link with the first works and at the same time denotes a mature style that aims to replicate (and overcome) the success of the first albums.

CD Piccoli Segreti

Piccoli Segreti is my first album for piano solo, published on 1st september 2015. Following the publish started the “Piccoli Segreti tour”, a series of live concert on Theatres  and cultural salons in  Milan, Reggio Emilia, Modena, Bologna, Pistoia, Naples, Lecce and Taranto.

I have been invited as guest on Radio San Luchino (Bologna); the album has been welcomed with several newspaper articles in the cities where I performed and I received lots of good reviews from critics.

CD Sogni allo Specchio

Sogni allo specchio is Daniele Leoni’s latest discographic work, published on 21st of March, 2017.

After the success of the first album, Piccoli Segreti, this new compilation’s feedback was also extremely positive, which was warmly welcomed by the interest of the public and critics.

Thanks to the above mentioned success, Daniele could start his new tour of live concerts (the “Sogni allo Specchio” tour), which took place in Milan, Modena, Trento, Naples, Reggio Emilia, Bologna and Bari.

Daniele Leoni was then also invited as guest in Radio San Luchino and to the web radio Radiamo. During the tour, the live concerts were reported on local newspapers and regional news television TRC (tg Emilia Romagna) and Quarto canale Flegreo (Napoli).

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